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Welcome to the Silentscape Studios website! There's not much done to it right now, but it will get better as time progresses. To view a descriptions of our current products and releases, click the "Products" link on the left.


August 13, 2004


The Silent Hill PC v1.1 Patch is now available. This patch fixes audio problems that may or may not occur on your system. This fixes the choppy audio, as well as improves the overall sound quality. There were a couple other sound glitches that have been fixes as well. You can click here to download the patch.


Well there hasn't really been an update to this site in several months. However, I have re-released the PC (con)Version of Silent Hill 1 and you can download it now from the "Products" page. Also, I recently re-enable my email account so you may contact me at the address listed on the Contact page and I will respond. If you have previously contacted me, then you probably did not receive a response. You will this time.

The tracker for Silent Hill 1 PC (con)Version is now back online and is ready to go. I do not have too fast of a connection at the moment so when you successfully download the game 100% if you would be willing to seed for as long as you can it would be highly appreciated. As more people recieve the file the download speeds will start to increase, so just hang in there. :)

Since the last time I released this file I have made some minor corrections, such as grammar errors in the readme (hmm...maybe I should proof-read this time), as well as changed the game icon to something much better (no more ugly orange CD icon). If you already have the game then there's no point in re-downloading it because of these minor changes. Head over to the "Products" page to download it right away.