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Product Name:

Silent Hill PC (con)Version


Windows PC Video Game






Silent Hill, originally released on the Playstation, has finally become easily playable on the PC. Silent Hill is a horror game that takes you beyond the limits of standard gameplay. It puts you in an outrageously scary atmosphere full of zombies and puzzle-solving action. Silent Hill is the scariest game known to man and has yet to be matched. Prepare for a world of horror and bizarre adventures.

Release Format:

1 ISO image, containing the Silent Hill PC installer.

Release Type:

This product has been released as a torrent file. BitTorrent is the new way of downloading files from the internet. NOTE: In order to download this product, you will need a BitTorrent client. Azureus is highly recommended for this. Clicking the Download link will download the torrent file. You can then download the entire product via Azureus (or any other BitTorrent client).


The Silent Hill PC v1.1 Patch is now available. This patch corrects some audio problems that occur such as choppy audio, as well as other various sound glitches. It will also improve the overall sound quality for much higher quality audio output. [filesize: 845KB]

-Download v1.1 Patch-


The tracker is now back online and you can download this game right away! Please note that at first you may get slow speeds, but they will increase as more people obtain the file.